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Products are made once it is ordered. Please allow 7-10 business days for production. Also, due to the customized nature of our products, all sales are FINAL!

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Highkey items are located ONLY in the Highkey Naughty Collection, due to inappropriate artwork.

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F**K All Haters

Be yourself no matter what anyone says, and kick-ass while doing it!

What We Stand For?

The knowledge you possess in a specific subject(s) identifies you as a nerd... well, according to the dictionary. I guess everyone can be a “nerd” in something, right? If this theory is correct then you're one of us!

Nerds are individuals who are unconfined, authentic, and motivated by their passion while having the freedom to express their individuality and own interests. Don't get persuaded into stereotypes or predetermined standards, be yourself and embrace who you are! It's OKAY to be different, it's what makes you unique, it's what makes you... you!

We are UNIQUE. We are DIFFERENT. We are NERDS!

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