This is a blank canvas. Only you can paint yourself! Who are you?

 Story Time

The Founder of N.I.A has been homeless three times in his lifetime. Embarrassing as it was for him, he fought endless battles of despair while feeling unsure of himself because of his living situations. His nerdy interests of computers, video games, and anime, kept him sane. That's when he met a special someone who made him realize his potentiality and his nerdy characteristics is what made him UNIQUE! The perfect idea was painted for a brand that symbolizes the TRUE meaning of a nerd.

Nerdy Ink Apparel was created from an unbiased person who wanted a community where people can be themselves with no judgement. A brand that's originated from an impossible dream, we truly believe this brand is for you!

What makes us different from other clothing brands?

A:  One word, "relatable". Anyone can relate to our brand based on our theory that everyone can be a "Nerd". We believe every single person on this earth is a nerd in some way, shape, or form. Don't believe me? Well, a nerd is a person who is overly intellectual, and/or obsessive over a specific subject such as, sports, books, collectibles, fitness, etc. Does that sound like you? If so, then you're one of us! Our goal is to have a brand where you can express your individuality and interests by simply wearing our clothing. Forming a community despite differences will help us achieve this goal! The "nerd" that everyone once made fun of, is now a trend and a cornerstone to one's personality. Don't be afraid of who you are! Be different, be unique, be you!

Embrace your inner nerd!


Our mission is to bring the best quality of material that is affordable! That's literally it! lol

Having one of the best designers on hand, we assure you to drop some heat!

Located in Los Angeles, we teamed up with local manufacturers, as well as other manufacturers around the world to bring you the best affordable garments!

Note: Our inside tag labels are made from China.